Interview: Trixie and Katya Take Vegas!

In anticipation of our upcoming one-time-only show with Trixie & Katya in Vegas, we asked the duo a few questions. You’ll learn something, you’ll know the girls a bit better, and may or may not leave this page with a stronger desire to get your tickets for October 9th.

Trixie & Katya take Vegas! What's that going to be like?

Katya: It’s going to be a no holds barred, take no prisoners, absolutely no limits, everything on the table, totally up for grabs, no child left behind kind of evening, full of completely frivolous and frenetic fanfare for the whole family.

Trixie: Our performances are like slot machines - high drama, high cost, and everyone leaves a loser. Also, pretty to look at!

Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World - how do Trixie & Katya make their mark?

Katya: The same way I do it in every city I visit—with a little bit of blood on the hotel bedding.

Trixie: I’ll stop to pee every block and a half on the way to the venue. I'll also wear 14-15 pumps of 1 Million by Paco Rabanne.


Do you gamble?

Katya: In the casino, never. In my personal life, frequently.

Trixie: With a body like mine, every time I take my clothes off for someone it's a gamble.

What's it like performing together live, versus in front of a green screen?

Katya: It’s nice knowing that someone else is there in case I drop dead. I wouldn’t expect her to haul my body off stage or anything, but she could at least sing a few songs while the crowd calms down.

Trixie: WE ARE FINALLY ALLOWED TO WEAR GREEN! But I'm sure we won't. Katya will wear a rhinestoned bustier that doesn't cinch enough and I'll wear a light pink nightgown with dirty brown handprints on it.

Who would be better at the other’s performance style?

Katya: Me, obviously. I don’t like to brag so I never mention it but I’ve been playing the guitar for almost 20 years.

Trixie: Are you kidding? I can barely do Trixie Mattel. Katya wouldn't even make it past the third lash application of the 18 strips of lashes I wear.

Move over Adele - the year is 2030 and Trixie & Katya have a Vegas residency. What could the fans expect?

Katya: A completely immersive 5-D sensory overload experimental theatrical environment that challenges the audience’s perception of time, space, smell, taste and sexuality. 85 minutes, no intermission, $16 hotdogs served in lobby.

Trixie: I'd like to think it would be an audience of discreet gentlemen looking to take a walk on the wild side, but I know it would be teen girls with blue hair crying. Katya would lip-synch to Russian pop music while I play an Appalachian folk instrument. The reviews would be strongly mixed.

The Las Vegas Strip isn’t actually in Las Vegas - it’s actually the town of Paradise. What other lies should we expose to the readers?

Katya: Bloodletting by leeches may not actually turn out to be an effective medical treatment, and records indicate it could very well have killed our first president, Mr. George Washington!!!

Trixie: Everyone is always praising RuPaul's legs. Please... those aren't even real. Someone is operating her puppet legs like a Universal Studios Theme Park attraction.

What is your advice for anyone coming to the show this October?

Katya: Don’t forget to wash your legs in the shower. Also, expectations are like premeditated resentments—so bring an open mind, free of judgment and full of love.

Trixie: If you like us, you're probably not the type to take good advice anyway. Also - wear a piece of statement jewelry!




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