We’ve included a few resources and answers for frequently asked questions and concerns to avoid delays in things we can take care of for you right away!

How do I get help with my tickets?

If you have a concern about ticketing like credit card charges or reissuing physical tickets, please contact the ticketing platform directly. Here are a few we work with frequently:

Eventbrite (855-326-9945) Website
Ticketmaster (800-653-8000) Website
Showclix (888-718-4253) Website
Brown Paper Tickets (800-838-3006) Website

Oftentimes issues with payment methods, for instance, are out of our hands.

What information should I include when reaching out about an event I’m attending?

We will need all relevant information up-front to help as best we can. For time-sensitive concerns especially, please message us with your email address, order confirmation number, and any other relevant information. Many of our shows are part of multi-stop tours, so please specify the date and city of the event in question.

How do I get answers about venue accessibility and accommodations?

Regarding venue concerns like accessibility or parking accommodations, we do our best to provide venue contact and info in our listings to lead directly to those answers. We work with a lot of venues, therefore it is usually best to reach out to them with any concerns of this nature. We are happy to field questions regarding logistics specific and unique to our productions.

How do I reach out for sponsorships, media inquiries, and partnership opportunities?

For media inquiries, please contact us at press@fivesensesreeling.com.